Number # 5

Renewable Matter

2015 August

After the Milan Expo, some considerations on food waste and solutions to reduce it radically, through a circular approach. Besides, how art can repair nature: the extraordinary work of Daniel McCormick and Mary O'Brien.

Fighting Starvation, Beyond Food by Antonio Cianciullo
Claim the Sky! by Robert Costanza
Green Innovation Needs Patient Capital by Marco Moro
Art that Walks in the World by Nancy Averett
Towards a Crackdown on Food Waste by Carlo Pesso
Stop Wasting Food! by Antonio Cianciullo
Unsustainability Trap
Biomass: Balance is the Secret by Aldo Femia
Water: A Contended Resource by Marta Antonelli
Buildings: The Circular Economy's Challenge by Editorial staff
Critical Mineral Resources for Renewable Energies in Germany by Peter Viebahn
How to Turn an Old Sofa into Biofuel by Mario Bonaccorso
The Soil's Perspective by Marco Moro
Cardboard Beats Decay
500 materials under the lens by Marco Capellini
Bioeconomy: The Virtuous Cooperation between National Cluster and Regions by Cluster SPRING
Green Economy: Exporting Italian Know-How by Giorgio Lonardi
A Smart and Efficient Bioeconomy for Europe by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
We Have Ruined Three Quarters of the Biosphere by Gianfranco Bologna
Recycling Frontiers by Stefano Ciafani
Eggs and Mines by Federico Pedrocchi