USE-IT is networking partner with Edizioni Ambiente
for Renewable Matter project

USE-IT is a Durban based Section 21 Company that identifies waste beneficiation opportunities in the eThekwini Municipal area that will help to divert waste from landfill and create employment in the green economy as well as provide a number of specialised services.  USE-IT is an NGO that has; amongst others; developed a local green construction methodology that uses waste soils and construction rubble to create construction materials for building green, sustainable housing.  USE-IT’s housing construction materials are more cost-effective than conventional building products, are water efficient, bullet and insect-proof, earthquake resistant, and thermally efficient. The NGO provides an opportunity and solution for waste diversion from landfill as well as addressing issues related to unemployment, lack of skills and housing backlogs.  USE-IT is the only organization of it's kind in South Africa, it holds, among others, the following strengths:

  • Credible
  • Transparent
  • Impressive list of awards and achievements
  • Committed and dedicated staff members
  • Excellent reputation
  • Growing demand / need for services, the cornerstone of income generation
  • The importance of recycling is being recognized more and more because of the work done by USE-IT
  • Registered with the KZN Recycling Forum
  • Registered as an NGO




World Economic Forum Award

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