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Remade in Italy is networking partner with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

Remade in Italy is a recognized and non-profit association founded in 2009 by the Region of Lombardy, CONAI, Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Amsa, to promote, at national and international level, "made in Italy" products arising from recycling.

In 2013 Remade in Italy developed the first accredited certification scheme in Italy and in Europe for the verification of recycled content in a product. Remade in Italy certification attests traceability of production within the same production chain, starting from the verification of origin of incoming raw materials, to finished product certificate, making it a tool specifically recognized for environmental requirements in public procurement and representing a model for verification of the quality and sustainability of recycling./

Certification Remade in Italy can affect finished products that bear the words "made in Italy", or semi-finished materials whose predominant production process - or, at least, the last phase of the process that has changed the physical, dimensional, performance or content - occurred in Italy. Do not fall into this category those materials / semi-packed or filled in Italy, in which the last stage of processing significant has taken place abroad. The recycled content must represent at least 10% of the total weight of the certified product (material, semi-finished or finished product). For more information on how to participate please visit www.remadeinitaly.it.


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