Live Circular

Live Circular

Live Circular is networking partner with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

Live Circular has one core mission; to encourage and promote the adoption of Circular Economy principles. Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future by providing the latest resources and information within the circular industry. A rapidly growing platform that takes what was fragmented information and delivers value creation in the form of news, videos, study and ethical sustainable commerce.

Live Circular was formed by circular economy driven entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bring circular economy principles within growing impact venture. Noting that current information was fragmented or derived from one particular organisation. We looked through the lens of innovation to create a platform that could grow and promote circular economy foundations and a collaborative housing of promotion at all levels to enhance the growth and transition toward a circular resource based economy in all industries. Differentiated by becoming and regarded as a resource platform rather than simply a news/media platform.



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