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Itelyum is regeneration of used lube oils, purification of chemical and oil streams, and responsible management of a wide range of industrial waste. Through advanced technologies and continuous investment, Itelyum helps saving natural resources and improving quality of life, with sustainable processes, products and solutions for waste management and the optimization of served markets. Fifty years and more of industrial history grounded on the principles of the circular economy even before it became the economy of the future, involving customers, suppliers, institutions, local and global communities in creating economic, environmental and social value. Through products, services and partnerships, Itelyum structurally integrates into the market, providing competitive and sustainable solutions with high environmental and social value.

Regeneration is the best option to valorize collected waste oils, adding benefits compared to primary production. Re-refining extends the life cycle of lubricants, through advanced technological processes, producing quality lube bases and other products to be re-introduced in cycles of use in industry and transport.

The purification of flue streams from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry recreates value by engineering products going back to the same markets of origin or to other destinations. Solvents from the distillation of virgin oil fractions, manufactured or traded, and synthesis of starting materials complement the product range, assisting at best market segments and companies, from which waste are also collected for recovery.

Vertical integration in the waste management sector reduces space and time lapses between generation and valorization, with an active presence in the collection, transport, storage and pre-treatment phases and through other services, consultancy and trading activities.


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