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CAP The CAP Group manages the integrated water service in the Milan Metropolitan area, Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Varese, and Como using the “in house providing” model, guaranteeing the public control of the shareholders in accordance with the principles of transparency, accountability and participation. With over a decade of experience, it combines the public nature of the water resource and its management with an efficient management organization, capable of investing and increasing the knowledge of the infrastructure using IT instruments.

CAP 21
The effects of climate change on water are a reality that today we must all face up to. And a company like the CAP Group, which has adopted the sustainable management of water as its mission, has a duty to play a leading role in identifying the most innovative and effective technological solutions for protecting and looking after it in the best possible way. This with the awareness that the gradual warming up of the planet will pose an increasing threat to our water resources.

This is the thinking behind CAP 21, a programme that will keep us busy through 2016 and beyond: 21 sustainability actions that we have decided to adopt in order to tackle the challenge of climate change and to make both transparent and tangible the results that we can achieve with our investment plan, in terms of environmental sustainability across the entire area we serve.

21 actions that include many others and that represent the day-to-day commitment of our company, which has decided to invest 600 million euro in the industrial, public and efficient management of the integrated water service over the next 5 years, taking its inspiration from the 5 R’s of water sustainability, principles identified at international level for the sustainable management of water: Reduce consumption; Reuse water; Recover its nutrients; Recycle its energy; Replenish the surrounding environment.

CAP 21 is therefore our tangible, day-to-day, ambitious and passionate response to the issues raised by COP 21, the climate conference in Paris that is set to shape the international debate over the next few years.

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