Geca is technical partner with Edizioni Ambiente for
Renewable Matter project

The company
Geca Industrie Grafiche is a printing company specialising in the production of books, catalogues, brochures and magazines. Our productive system is organized following the principles of lean manufacturing and has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 by the Suiss body SQS. All the proceedings are handled within our productive plant, just outside Milan.

Those who choose Geca benefit from a customer service of excellence: devoted staff follow the development of the projects from the beginning to the delivery.

A 100% Italian product, from a 100% European production chain We like the idea that when a customer entrusts us the printing of their products, all the added value produced in the chain will remain in Europe. Every centimetre of paper, every gramme of aluminium for the plates, every drop of ink is the fruit of Italian and European workers. Our production system bases on raw materials, technologies and machinery produced in our continent, coming from suppliers representing distinction in the market.

Commitment to the environment Geca prints on papers deriving from forests managed responsibly or on 100% recycled papers and uses vegetable-based, mineral oil free inks only. Geca production system does not produce flush and every waste is introduced in a process of gathering and recycling. We have been the first Italian printer to obtain FSC certification.

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