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Our mission is to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy.

Getting things done through collaboration and innovative research Circle Economy plays a central role in igniting our world's transition to a circular economy. We bring together a wide range of stakeholders – from local and national governments and knowledge institutes to multinationals and SME's across key thematic areas. Organised as a cooperative, we work with many different partners in an open source environment to optimise the output of our mission: to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy.

Circle Economy is in the forefront of the developments within the circular domain through research into topics such as: the role the circular economy can play in mitigating climate change, employment within a circular economy or investigating financial barriers and how to overcome them with new innovative financial systems. Through this pioneering research we are able to build forward thinking tools and programmes.

Sector Approach

We focus on the key sectors and topics that we consider to be game changers – such as cities, finance, design and the textiles and construction sectors. In these areas we create practical tools, programmes, events and workshops that are designed to help accelerate the scalable adoption of the circular economy. Examples of our tools and solutions are :

Circle Market: Circle Economy aims to 'close the loop' for textiles, and create a zero waste industry. In order to be able to connect supply and demand of textile waste we created Circle Market, an online trading platform that facilitates the trade of recyclable textile materials between market parties.

Circle City Scan: The scan provides cities and regions a comprehensive visual overview of resource flows throughout their city and is a decision making tool enabling them to implement circular strategies that lead to job creation, a cleaner environment, new or rejuvenated industries, and competitiveness in global markets.

Overcoming Financial Barriers: Although the opportunities for investing in circular business models are widely available, current investment methods do not match the needs of these unique businesses. Circle Economy has created several research papers that help financiers and businesses to overcome financial barriers to circular business practices and developing solutions to overcome them.

Circle Workshops: Circle Economy has developed a range of workshops to help with the complexity of transitioning towards a circular model. The workshops are customisable and designed for big and small companies, business and creative thinkers to help them implement circularity effectively.





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