Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is networking partner with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a multipurpose pilot facility for the development, scale-up, demonstration and toll manufacturing of biobased products and processes at kilogram to multi ton scale.
The wide range of state-of-the-art industrial equipment, and the experienced and flexible team of 40 employees, serve customers from around the world in the field of biomass pretreatment, fermentation, downstream purification, bio-catalysis and explosion proof green chemistry.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is fully independent and self-sustaining, and has successfully scaled-up more than 100 bio-processes in the last four years.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has extensive expertise in the production of for example industrial enzymes, specialty carbohydrates, bio-surfactants, organic acids, monomers, solvents, flavors and fragrances, biopolymers, oleo-chemicals and fuels, and this from various biomass feed stocks.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is currently partner in 10 publicly funded consortia, and provides the scale-up from technology readiness level (TRL) 5 to 8.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a European frontrunner in industrial biotechnology, and was therefore selected by the European Commission as a demonstrator multi-KET pilot line.
The pilot facility is open to all companies (small, intermediate, large) and research institutes from around the world and from different sectors to bring their biobased innovations from the lab to the market.


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