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ASSOVETRO, the Italian Glass Manufacturers Association, constituted in 1947 and based in Rome, is the general official body representative of 80 companies working in the field of glass production and transformation. Within the Association, these companies are associated in different sectors, according to their production or activity:

  • - Manufacturing flat (directed towards buildings and means of transport) and hollow glass (composed by bottles, jars, flacons, containers and tableware), glass tubes and technical glasses, fibreglass, traditional glass.
  • - Transforming and decorating flat and hollow glass.
ASSOVETRO is a member of Confindustria (Federation of Italian Industries) and the main international Organizations (GLASS ALLIANCE EUROPE, the European Alliance of Glass Industries, FEVE., the European Federation of Glass Containers).
The main tasks of ASSOVETRO are:
  • - representing the Italian glass industry with Public Authorities, economic and social Organisations and Trade Unions;
  • - monitoring Italian and European legislation;
  • - lobbying during the laws & regulations processes;
  • - defending and promoting the image of glass.
The critical operating tasks of the Association are:
  1. Raw Materials, Energy and Energy saving
  2. Relations with the Trade Unions
  3. Recycling
  4. Environment
  5. PR, advertising and promotion
  6. Industry safety
ASSOVETRO provides, through different promotional activities, to spread the important features of glass containers, such as safe keeping, inviolability, transparency, recycling, but also shape ductility and cheerful features, i.e. brilliancy and harmony, in order to re-instate glass containers as a modern packaging. ASSOVETRO relays on the glass research public institute “Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro” for scientific activities and co-operates with CO.RE.VE, the compulsory Italian Recycling Association, for glass packaging recycling. If you want to know more about the Italian Glass Manufacturers Association, click on or write to


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