COOU is supporter with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

The Consortium's mission, as is moreover defined in article 11 of Decree Law n. 95 of 1992 and article 236 of Decree Law n. 152 of 2006, is as follows:

  1. promote public awareness on collection issues;
  2. ensure and provide incentives for the collection of waste oils by collecting them from holders and authorized companies;
  3. directly fulfill the activities of waste oil collection from holders requesting them even in areas where collection is difficult or economically profitless;
  4. select the collected waste oils in order to correctly eliminate them through re-refining, combustion or disposal;
    • allocate collected waste oils:
    • as a priority, to the re-refining process aimed at producing base oils;
    • should they be unsuitable for re-refining process due to technical, economic and organizational restrictions, the waste is addressed to combustion or co-incineration;
    • in default of the requisites for use referred to in the preceding numbers, to dispose of them through incineration;
  5. to pursue and encourage the study, experimentation and creation of new treatment processes and alternative uses;
  6. operate with respect to the principles of competition, of free movement of goods, of low running costs, as well as the safeguarding of health and the environment from any pollution in the air, water or soil;
  7. making note of and elaborating all technical data relating to the collection and elimination of waste oils and imparting this information to the Ministries;
  8. within the limits of the renewable waste oils collected and the plant’s production, guarantee regenerators the requested quantity of waste oils at a fair price and, in any case, a price that is not higher than the direct cost of collection;
  9. should recycling be impossible or economically profitless, ensure the disposal of the waste oils with respect to anti-pollution regulations.


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