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CIC - Italian Composting and Biogas Association

The Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) is the leading national organization promoting sustainable recycling practices in composting and anaerobic digestion of organic materials. CIC’s members are public and private companies, local authorities and entities involved in the production of compost, as well as machineries and equipment manufacturers, fertilizers producers and research institutions. Since its foundation in 1992 CIC has been committed to:

  • prevent food waste,
  • increase recycling rate of source separated organic waste and its quality throughout Italy,
  • enhance compost quality and its market.

On these aims CIC manages two labeling programs on both compost quality and compostable materials, performs technical training for the composting sector and assists government bodies in improving biowaste recycling. The CIC’s vision is to create a synergetic circle in which organic materials are recycled into land sustainable fertilizer (compost) and into renewable energy (biomethane) to power waste collection vehicles. A sustainable organic treatment provides a local and global environmental benefit while preserving sustainable agriculture.


Annual report 2015

ITALY: Compost is Catching up


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