Renewable Matter # 22 / July-August

Maribor, a Circular City

by Igor Kos

Focus future-proof cities: 4 case studies


In the first Slovenian city to outline a strategy for the transition to a circular economy, Wcycle Institute has developed an innovative environmental and business model for the management of the cities material and resource flows. With their involvement, Maribor is implementing projects tied to the treatment of urban waste, the use of C&D waste, the reuse of purified waters, and the management of excess heat and renewable energy. 


Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia and home to approximately 110,000 inhabitants. Although it is not Slovenia’s capital city, it is the regions circular economy capital.

In June 2018, the Municipality of Maribor became the first city in Slovenia to outline a Strategy for the transition to a circular economy which was then adopted and formally approved...

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