Renewable Matter # 22 / July-August

Back to the Future, Rediscovering Traditional Knowledge to Win the Food Challenge

Interview with Danielle Nierenberg

by Emanuele Bompan, Danielle Nierenberg

Focus circular food


850 million people suffer from hunger, whereas around 2 billion are either overweight or obese: to solve this paradox we have to rethink the entire agro-food system. In the words of Danielle Nierenberg, creator of Food Tank, one of the main centres for the documentation and promotion of sustainable production and food models. From a commodity to a common good, rediscovering traditional agriculture and applying technology to the service of nature. 



What has food become? What does it mean for Western society to feed itself? What does the meat on the plate before us represent? What do we mean by food security? Questions that, even if simple in appearance, we rarely delve into. We don’t understand what we have on the plate before us,...

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