Renewable Matter # 21 / May-June

In Singapore the Air-con Runs as a Service

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Over the last few decades increased affluence, urbanisation and a rise in global temperatures have all led to air conditioning becoming an essential commodity. Kaer, a Singapore based company, has reacted to this trend and pioneered the “air-con as a service” model (ACaaS) where you gain access to air conditioning and a cool environment, without having to deal with the problems inherent in ownership.


Everything started around eight years ago when Kaer’s CEO, Justin Taylor, sat down with the chairman and senior directors to begin a conversation on how to innovate the company and generate added value for its customers. Kaer, founded in 1993, had more than thirty different product lines on the market, all of which related to air-cooling, green buildings and energy...

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