Renewable Matter # 20 / February-March

C'mon People, Let's Repair!

by Silvia Zamboni

Focus Planned Obsolescence


The experience of Repair Café started in Amsterdam, but now it’s popular all over the world. Welcoming places where you can bring any kind of broken objects, from your bicycle to your blender, cellphone or an old garment, and you have 7 chances out of 10 to repair them. Here’s where you can get your repairing skills back. 


Do you have a sweater you really like, but so do moth which left a clear trail on it? Did your children break the toy train they got as a Christmas present? Do you have to reposition your bicycle brakes? No worries, even if you have to repair a small domestic appliance, or a digital device, at Repair Café somebody is going to be able to help. And he or her will do it for...

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