Renewable Matter # 19 / December-January

This is How We Recycle Nappies

by Rudi Bressa

In Treviso, at the Contarina centre of valorisation and recycling of materials – there is the world’s first plant able to recycle up to 10,000 tonnes of nappies per year. The all-Italian technology developed by Fater SPA – the result of almost 10 years of research and development – has now achieved industrial scale.


It is the first technology able to 100% recycle materials making up nappies and absorbent products. A plant built from scratch in Lovadina di Spresiano (Treviso), which transforms otherwise landfilled waste into new secondary raw materials: plastic, cellulose and a super absorbing polymer, ready to get back into the production cycle.

The system has been developed by...

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