Renewable Matter # 17 / July-August

The Superpig's Lesson

by Roberto Giovannini

There is no telling whether it will ever reach movie theatres, and that has already wreaked havoc at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where the film – expressly produced to be broadcast in streaming – was officially presented. Okja, the latest work by Bong Joon-ho – a visionary South Korean director – will be available on Netflix that also produced and sponsored it. A fantasy film, poised between a fairy tale and horror, between science fiction and exposure of the excesses of a science enslaved to turbocapitalism that has completely lost track of life and the environment.

The story line revolves around Okja, the name given to a species of genetically-engineered superpig, created in the labs of a company (fictitious, but only up to a point, since it is clearly a parody of the giant Monsanto) called “Mirando.” Mirando/Monsanto created this very special beast because it must contrive its “environmental” virginity after the previous...

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