Renewable Matter # 17 / July-August

Organic'Vall�e: A Local, Circular Agri-Business

by Jean-Luc Da Lozzo, Elsa Raverdy

Organic’Vallée is all about transitioning towards a more local and circular economy, to revitalize rural areas and reconnect city dwellers to the countryside. The project develops a cluster of agro-activities based on bio-wastes and organic material streams with a holistic and territorial approach. It has three main goals: diverting discarded organic materials from incineration or landfilling, channelling these material streams towards local material recovery to grow, breed and produce local resources, and informing as well as training citizens and dwellers.


edited by Institut de l’économie circulaire, Paris


Organic’Vallée was officially created as a cooperative of collective interest in June 2015. That is, in France, the only legal form that enables...

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