Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

The Hard Things to Say

by Federico Pedrocchi

I took part in an experience of co-planning where I worked together with colleagues who were responsible for internal as well external communication. A project funded by Fondazione Cariplo named “Crew.” The objective is to study tools for disability by gathering together all the subjects dealing with every single project. Male and female researchers, disabled people and their associations, stakeholders such as, in some instances, teachers, decision makers in health care bodies. Since the very start each group has got to work by mingling all competences.

The co-planning approach changes results. Although not yet very popular, it is growing. There is a spurious version that may be defined as “open” to users, which are the central subjects for the final objective. In our project they were the disabled. Spurious means just that: there is a research team working on the tools to offer. Members are sensitive towards users so they summon...

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