Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

When the States Invade Canada

by Roberto Giovannini

We live in a very strange world: in the past, TV series scriptwriters had to stretch their imagination far and wide in order to create thrilling or frightful story lines. But a few days ago, the actress Robin Wright, wife and opponent of “President” Frank J. Underwood in House of Cards, stated that Donald J. Trump “stole all the ideas for the sixth season” of the drama series. It is hard to deny that at this rate there are tangible risks that reality overtakes fantasy. So it seems appropriate to devote this section on how the environment and climate are sneaking into the collective imagination through media, to a comic strip and a TV series that have recently portrayed terrible scenarios. Or maybe not. 

The comic strip is We Stand Guard, written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Steve Skroce. To “stand on guard” are Canada’s citizens, who must keep a close watch on the decidedly aggressive intentions of their giant neighbour, the US. The plot is set in a disconcerting but unfortunately plausible future, in about one hundred years from now: apparently the fight against...

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