Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

From Sheets to Packaging to Newspapers

by Rudi Bressa

Focus Paper


Currently, in Europe, 71% (57% worldwide) of paper is recycled. It is made producing half the carbon emissions compared to 1990 and using raw materials sourced from certified forests or, in 54% of cases, from recycled paper. These figures of the paper industry make it a model to follow in the transition towards a circular bioeconomy. And CEPI shows the way. 


The European Pulp and Paper Industry can be considered one of the bioeconomy beacons of the Old Continent. The Pulp and Paper sector has a high rate of collection and recycling, uses raw materials sourced from European forests and is able to produce new materials capable of replacing, performance being equal, those derived from fossil sources. In the new European waste...

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