Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

Fashion, Cannibals and Forks

by Marco Ricchetti

Focus Fashion


Over the past 15 years, an increasingly greater amount of clothing has been consumed across the world: we have gone from around 8 kg of textile fibres per inhabitant to around 13 kg in 2015. And each extra kilo entails a corresponding increase in consumed energy, chemical substances released into the environment, and depletion of non-renewable materials. However, the increase in awareness of and sensitivity to environmental impacts produced by the sector is driving fashion towards a change in paradigm.


Top image: Details of Besani’s knitted textile.


“Is it progress if a cannibal uses a fork?” John Elkington is asked at the beginning of Cannibals with Forks, one of the most important books on sustainability published in 1997 where the triple bottom line principle is formulated for the first time. Elkington answered the...

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