Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

The Bioeconomy is the New Force de Frappe

by Mario Bonaccorso

Dossier France


Number one producer – and exporter – of agricultural products in the EU, France has been able to create effective synergies between agriculture and industry. As global cluster IAR, specialising in green chemistry and industrial biotechnologies and housing one of the biggest biorefineries in the world, demonstrates. The sector’s vision of the future indicated by the recent national strategy. 


France has finally taken its place at the table alongside other European countries with a national bioeconomy strategy. Announced in June 2015 and presented on 18 January of this year, Une Stratégie Bioéconomie pour la France proposes a vision for “the coordinated, sustainable development of all biomass-based industries for the production of food, materials,...

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