Renewable Matter # 16 / May-June

Stop Death (of Objects)

Interview with Walter R. Stahel

by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Walter R. Stahel

Reuse, repair, remanufacturing, technological upgrading. Starting from these concepts, Walter R. Stahel talks about objects’ life extension, the other side of the circular economy. But a new relation with goods must be developed, an approach based on care, as opposed to the “disposable” attitude. There is also strong criticism against the EU’s Circular Economy Package. 



If Ellen MacArthur is the dame of the circular economy, Walter R. Stahel (born June 5, 1946) can be well awarded the title of father of this economic model. Stahel has been influential in developing the field of sustainability, by advocating “service-life extension of goods – reuse,...

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