Renewable Matter # 15 / March-April

A Compass against Misinformation

by Roberto Giovannini

If it did non exist, it would have to be invented. We are talking about Climalteranti, the website created and coordinated by Stefano Caserini dispensing information on climate change. This section is usually devoted to media dealing with the environment, but on this occasion we will describe an information medium telling how media deal with the environment and climate change; too often, as it turns out, with shallowness, approximation and confusion and sometimes with misinformation spirit that leads straight to false and deceptive claims. In Climalteranti’s articles, conclusions are mercilessly exposed with subtle and vitriolic humour. This discredits and dishonours – naming and shaming – the far too many commentators and journalists who, to this day, make scientifically unproven, inexact or wrong statements at times verging on blatant climate change denialism. 

Climalteranti carries through valuable work since the battle to curb global warming is far from over, quite the opposite. It is essential to do our utmost to guarantee a “limited” or “mitigated” climate change for future generations. Valuable work, a fortiori, in times such as these, characterised by the unstoppable advance of hoaxes and fake news as well as of...

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