Renewable Matter # 15 / March-April

Innovation Has its Very Own Formula

Interview with Ernesto Ciorra

interview with Letizia Palmisano

The story of ENEL’s transformation: in the top five of Fortune’s 2015 Change the World list, the Italian energy company has made a 180° turn compared to what the multinational was just a few years ago. Now the organisation considers innovation a prerequisite of sustainability, the essential key to facing the challenges set by distributed generation, electro-mobility, the Internet of Things and smart cities. And it has no fear of sometimes having to confront its past.



Utility companies are having to reinvent themselves. And to do it they are taking a different direction from that of the past, mainly due to environmental issues. The climate first and foremost, but it doesn’t stop there. Renewable energies, domestic and industrial energy efficiency, the...

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