Renewable Matter # 14 / January-February

An Eco-Dark 2049

by Roberto Giovannini

Very few films have marked and influenced the collective consciousness of entire generations. Although we probably do not all share the same list, I am convinced that many of you cannot help but include Blade Runner in it. The film was released back in 1982, a good thirty-five years ago. And despite all the time that has passed, the world generated by Ridley Scott’s imagination and launched by Philip K.

Dick’s genius is now, more than ever, alive and real in the mind of millions of people. The world we saw on the big screen, the one where Rick Deckard, played by an unforgettable Harrison Ford, operated, that Los Angeles of November 2019 (incredibly we are just two years off), was “true,” credible, real, and possible. This was, perhaps, the first time that the cinema managed...

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