Renewable Matter # 14 / January-February

Industrial Renaissance

by Mario Bonaccorso

Dossier Italy


Today the Italian bioeconomy is at the forefront in the Euro-Mediterranean area but the objective is to reach a €300 billion turnover with 2 million jobs by 2030. This success story started many years ago and has continued thanks to the pursuit of excellence, the presence of many leading companies in this field, innovative plants and supply chains integrated at local level and the framework of economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by the national strategy.


Some of the world’s leading companies with unique production plants worldwide, some still excellent research despite many obstacles (investments in R&D is merely over 1.3% of GDP), the ability to build locally-integrated value supply chains. These are the elements that mainly characterize the bioeconomy in Italy, making the country a recognized point of reference. Last but not...

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