Renewable Matter # 13 / November-December

Stereons and DVD Blenders

by Federico Pedrocchi

Let’s start with a stereon. No, it is not a spelling mistake. Take an iron and bring it to Elettroevoluzione (an engineering team based in Rome) and they transform it into a radio. But watch out: after such transformation, by observing the object, before your very eyes all you can see is just a traditional iron. No external detail has changed and this is a hard and fast rule of electroevolutionists strongly characterized by culture and design. They choose objects that over time have influenced the world of design (so as a matter of fact you don’t bring them any old electrical appliance). The great make Braun is widely used in their projects. A toaster becomes a radio, but only when you press the button to get the toast out a small amplifier will appear. There is also a frying plate that becomes a turntable and a blender that turns into a DVD player.

A theoretical consideration: maybe one aspect of project development though reusing should bear in mind that an external shell has its own importance. I know a numerically significant community asking itself: “Why can’t we have a beautiful Volkswagen Beetle with a hybrid or fully electric engine?” A smaller community asks the same question about a 1970s Morris 1000 with a...

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