Renewable Matter # 13 / November-December

The Metamorphosis of Matter

How Today Art and Waste Talk to Each Other. Poised between Ethics and Poetics.

What have a bicycle’s wheel, a stool, a jerrycan and a tin in common? They are all ordinary objects that in some cases do not serve their intended everyday purpose, embracing the world of art.

In contemporary art, waste, discarded materials and old objects can begin a new life in a new context. But does finding new meaning mean recycling? Actually, that’s not always the case, since there are several approaches ranging from critical reappropriation of objects and materials, to recycling that becomes a clear exposure of environmental issues.

Ai Weiwei,Forever, 2014, Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Venice
Courtesy of Berengo Studio and Lisson Gallery


Already the Dada avant guarde – in particolar Duchamp Ready Made...

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