Renewable Matter # 12 / September-October

The Non-Matter Design

Between Immaterial Future and Re-Matter to be In-Formed

At university we were taught that industrial design was born in England during the Industrial Revolution with the design of new products to be reproduced in a number of copies (one of the most successful examples is Wedgwood china). 

It was in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries that designers had the opportunity to design pretty much anything, inventing themselves in the first place, their cultural and philosophical identities, holding the reins of the forms and functions of domestic and urban landscapes of the last 200 years.

True, not all objects around stemmed from a designing mind: a great deal of anonymous design (just think of the “Hidden Forms” exhibition held in 2014 at Triennale di Milano) has made quite an entrance into our lives, but from “the spoon to the city”

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