Renewable Matter # 11 / July-August

A Window into Tomorrow

by Roberto Giovannini

The circular economy and the philosophy of recovery and reuse are luckily spreading, both in the economic field and in everyday life. In the same way as citizens and families know about separate collection, companies are aware that wasting energy or water is folly, even media, cinema, the cultural world and that extraordinary means of “mass education” that the web has become take on board and sometimes amplify this virtuous trend.


This time we talk about Demain (Tomorrow), a film by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion: she is one Quentin Tarantino’s actresses, while he is an environmental activist, spokesman and co-founder of Colibris Movement. Released in France close to COP21 in Paris, this documentary has become a real success story: viewed by over 1.3 million people in France. The film, presented to...

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