Renewable Matter # 11 / July-August

The Revival of Eco-Local Materials

Stone, Earth, Wood, Straw, Stubble & Co.

by Dominique Gauzin-Müller

Focus on Circular Building


Ecological, healthy, bio-based, natural: these are the adjectives used to define materials as old as time, rediscovered after they had sunk into oblivion (and contempt) for decades. Renewable, recyclable, often recovered from agricultural and forestry waste, in France they are thriving thanks to the creativity of projects able to combine tradition with more innovative technologies.


The innovative use of poor materials (wood, straw and other vegetable materials, earth and stone) is becoming more and more popular in residential buildings, both in public works and in large building complexes. In France, the government and local administrations started promoting the use of such materials deriving from short supply chains, able to promote the resources of each...

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