Renewable Matter # 10 / May-June

Cunning and Lateral

by Federico Pedrocchi

In my opinion, there is a vast scenario that opens up when dealing with the circular economy, bearing in mind a basic rule: when faced with a huge problem wreaking havoc, a certain competence is needed to be able to get to the bottom of things, but one also needs to be cunning and lateral. Cunning is self-explanatory. Lateral can be ambiguous, so an explanation is in order. When we observe a phenomenon, we should bear in mind that alongside a so called “central” vision, which is important to have, there can be a lateral one able to produce interesting results. The reason is quite simple: in the central vision we tend to use the know-how at our disposal, the experience and the basic concept that can be applied in many similar situations. But this is an attitude that can lead to conservative practices.


When I occasionally meet the general public I happen to use the following problem, which is totally fictitious, there is no scientific activity of this kind. I say: a recent research shows that in China the number of heart attacks on a lift is almost double that of those recorded in Europe and the United States. How come? The answers are many and varied, some linked to power and vertical...

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