Renewable Matter # 10 / May-June

Missing the Blue

by Ilaria Nardello

In April this year, The Economist hosted the FishHackathon event in London. The small meeting was one of a series aiming to sensitize the public on fisheries issues. In her keynote, their Environment correspondent pronounced like pearls in a rosary all the issues impinging on our oceans today. While each of them would deserve a prolonged narrative of its own, and the health of the Oceans has evidently taken the global stage, some countries appear to be particularly insensitive to such arguments and to actively dismiss the opportunities to even take the smallest steps in the right direction.


Italy’s regions launched a public consultation, a referendum, concerning the drilling rights of companies mining for oil and gas off-shore, within 12 miles of the beautiful Italian Coast. The referendum was called upon the initiative of some of Italy’s coastal regions, namely those more closely interested by the drilling sites. Their campaign aimed at abolishing some principles...

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