Renewable Matter # 09 / March-April

Go Sailing, for a Change

by Federico Pedrocchi

Travelling by sea has always changed many things in the history of our species. To encapsulate this historical fact in a contemporary acronym we could write GS4C, Go Sailing for a Change. Granted, this connection might be too far fetched. GS4C is a very young Milan-based company and perhaps the historicity of sea maybe is a too general reference. All things considered, what do all big changes consist of? 

It was a small vessel that gave up the square sail and replaced it with a mast and a piece of cloth that allowed catching the wind sideways and sailing straight. And the first submersible – that had a tendency to be a little too submerged, more similar to a non “emergible boat”– had a pedal-powered propeller. 

So, now this is the story I am telling you....

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