Renewable Matter # 09 / March-April

27 Million Messages

by Roberto Giovannini

On a cruise liner, about 4 million cans are consumed every year. Since 2007, 27 millions have been recovered, the equivalent of 334 tons of aluminium. But more can be done: the second phase of the “Message in a can” is already underway, promoted by CIAL and Costa, involving the municipality of Savona and the port authority.


But actually, considering that we are talking about a heap of aluminium cans patiently collected one after the other since 2007 on board Costa Crociere cruise ships, these are impressive numbers: a staggering 27 million cans, i.e. 334 tons of the precious metal.

Enough to make 37 high-speed railway carriages, or 221,000 desk lamps, or 43,500 car rims, or 722,000...

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