Renewable Matter # 09 / March-April

When Luxury Goes Hand in Hand with Sustainability

by Sergio Ferraris

Focus on Wine


Not just residues of citrus, coffee, kiwi, maize and hazelnuts. Now grape pomace too becomes part of the production process of paper, replacing up to 15% of cellulose. Result? A high-quality paper able to enhance the sustainability content of a whole product, including its packaging. Even in the luxury goods sector.


Upcycling upon upcycling. This is how we could define the new upcycling experience carried out by Favini based on the use of wine pomace after the distillation process for the production of paper: the new Crush Uva.

But this is a story, like all those about the circular economy that must be told properly, starting in the Veneto vineyards, known for their...

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