Renewable Matter # 08 / January-February

The Unbearable Heaviness of Food Production

by Gianfranco Bologna

Worldwide, the environmental cost of intensive and industrial agricultural practices amounts to $3 trillion yearly, a staggering sum, bigger than the UK’s GDP. These are the bewildering data emerging from a study published by FAO (Natural Capital Impacts in Agriculture. Supporting Better Business Decision-making) in collaboration with Truscot advisors, a team of experts providing support to companies and investors to understand the repercussions of environmental issues from the business point of view.

But the study, besides estimating the environmental costs caused by unsustainable food production practices, highlights methods to start alternative approaches to intensive agriculture able to provide better results from an environmental and economic point of view to the whole agricultural sector. In reality, there is a wide range of viable solutions to promote more sustainable agricultural...

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