Renewable Matter # I-01 / Urban Mines of Aluminium

Packaging: Environmental Changes in Waste Management

In recent years, the legislation regarding management of aluminium packaging waste has not undergone significant changes.
However, just as all sectors related to ecosystems’ protection and management, the aluminium packaging’s has also been affected by a series of crucial rules that are relevant to the sectors of waste management and the AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization). As for packaging, although Law 29th July 2015 n. 115 (“European Law 2014”) has to be mentioned, Law 68/2015 on environmental crimes stands out above all others.

The aims of this paper are:

  • identifying new aspects about packaging, waste management and the AIA;
  • listing some particularities of the new Law 68/2015, as well as those found in the new Part VI a of the Legislative Decree 152/2006 (“Environmental Code”) introduced by the above mentioned Law 68/2015. This new Part VI a is indeed crucial for managing...
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