Renewable Matter # I-01 / Urban Mines of Aluminium

The Role of Design in New Matter Scenarios

Interview with Marco Ferreri

The catalogue of economic ideas evolves rapidly but this is not the case for economic practices, which are still linked to operating models that have clearly shown their limitations. The circular economy and the bioeconomy represent the most promising development trajectories for their ability to provide answers to the various crises underway. Over the last decades, when engaging with sustainability issues, recycling, reusing, recovery, as well as the fourth “R”, for reduction, are words that have been widely employed. Nevertheless, figures, with due exceptions (as is the case with aluminium), reveal that we are far from an across-the-board adoption of such practices.

Equally, as we have heard it many times before, design plays a crucial role in transforming the way products – from the simplest to the more complex – are conceived. A specific EU directive is devoted to ecodesign, thus identifying it as one of the key strategies to achieve the 2020 energy efficiency target.

Such “ecologic” efficiency concept must necessarily be...

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