Renewable Matter # 06-07 / October-December

Packaging Management System: Assessing a Tree by its Fruits

by Edo Ronchi

Starting over 15 years ago, the Italian CONAI System has enabled Italy to double the waste collected from packaging intended for recovery and recycling. It now amounts to about 8 million tonnes, equivalent to 68% of packaging placed on the market. Going through the journey taken over the years, one can better identify the next steps necessary to define new models for managing various types of waste.


In 1997, 80% of Italian urban waste was disposed of in landfills: an amount equal to about 22.3 million tonnes. In the same year, in Italy, the national average separate collection amounted to 9%: 17% in the North, 6.3% in the Centre and 1.4% in the South. Even the most popular fractions of packaging were collected in small amounts: 782.000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 643.000 tonnes...

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