Renewable Matter # 06-07 / October-December

Islam: The Third Way

Interview with Yahya Sergio Pallavicini

by Antonio Cianciullo, interview with Yahya Sergio Pallavicini

Between forced modernization and atavistic violence, a proposal to meet modernity head-on, focusing on the environment and an economy of reuse. An interview with Yahya Sergio Pallavicini, Vice President of Co.Re.Is. (Comunità Religiosa Islamica, the Italian Islamic Religious Community): “The Caliphate has no legal or spiritual legitimacy.”



The imposition of an uneven, forced modernization, on the one side; the retribution of archaic, systematic violence, on the other. In the Islamic world, a third way between these two extremes is slowly taking shape, a path that combines respect for the environment as taught by the...

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