Renewable Matter # 5 / August

Recycling Frontiers

by Stefano Ciafani

It seems a century ago when, in 1996, Milan was buried under tens of thousands of tonnes of waste along the streets because the Cerro Maggiore landfill closed down. Or when, in 2002, in the region of Campania there was a waste emergency with the ensuing confiscation of Tufino (Naples) and Parapoti (Salerno) landfills. But today Italy has turned over a new leaf. For instance, in 2014, 1,520 “recycling municipalities” have been awarded a prize for exceeding 65% of separate waste collection. And last year, 356 municipalities, besides excelling in recycling initiatives, produced also less than 75 kg of residue pro capita.

The most virtuous experiences are not exclusive to the small municipalities of the North: just think of the 145 municipalities of Campania (about 10% of the national total) or about the 104 municipalities of Marche (a region which is approaching the North-East performance) or the separate collections slightly lower than 65% – very significant nonetheless – in Salerno, Andria or...

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