Renewable Matter # 5 / August

Cardboard Beats Decay

by Sergio Ferraris

In Rione Sanità, a Naples’neighbourhood, every day 2.3 tonnes of cardboard are collected. An excellent result thanks not only to the collaboration between citizens and retailers but above all to having been able to use recycling as an opportunity for social promotion and job creation. Now the idea is to transfer this know-how to create a model to be exported to the rest of the city, and beyond. 


It is one of the areas with the highest population density in Italy. It is an old town centre. It is in Southern Italy, but recycling is working. We are talking about Rione Sanità in the centre of Naples, 67,000 inhabitants with a population density of 13,400 people per km2 (Casavatore, near Naples, one of the most populated municipalities in Italy has...

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