Renewable Matter # 5 / August

Unsustainability Trap

by Fabio De Menna, Matteo Vittuari

Today the food farming system has become a huge extractive technological model. It is poorly efficient too, and waste and squandering represent a serious environmental issue entailing severe economic and social consequences. In Italy, in the farming phase, 13 million tonnes of waste are generated and we must add waste and squandering from food processing industry, 3.7 million tonnes coming from vegetable processing and 9.9 million tonnes from animal-based productions. We need to rethink our production systems reassessing how, how much and from what we must produce.


According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an economic system can be defined as circular when it is able to self-replenish stocks of human, technological, social and natural capital. This regenerative ability is based on the fundamental distinction between organic matter flows that can be reintegrated into the biosphere and flows of technical matter that must indeed be planned, starting...

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