Renewable Matter # 5 / August

Stop Wasting Food!

by Antonio Cianciullo

Stop food waste. This is the common theme of the various Charters drawn up during Expo 2015. It is impossible not to be sympathetic with such plea. But a mere moral denunciation is not enough. It would be better to focus more clearly on the mechanisms causing this squandering of resources; consumption habits that force us to discard a lot of food which is still good from a nutritional point of view, but imperfect from an aesthetic viewpoint; the economic systems pushing us to overuse chemistry causing major environmental and health problems. We should put forward an alternative choice based on going back to the principle of matter circularity applied by nature. But this topic has largely been overlooked in the debates held during Expo and about Expo. The main documents mentioned herewith contain elements going in this direction. We thought it would be interesting to highlight them.

Manifesto of the Green Economy on Agri-Food for Expo 2015

“Spreading Eco Innovation and Good Practices”

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  • Italian National Council for the Green Economy

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