Renewable Matter # 5 / August

Green Innovation Needs Patient Capital

The Public Sector Is the Real Driving Force towards a Sustainable Economy

by Marco Moro, Roberto Coizet

If a mythology of innovation exists, the government plays an inefficient and highly resistant role towards change in it, while brilliant businessmen and brave venture capitalists seem to be projected towards the future. Such mythology is further corroborated by the imagery built around the so-called startups. 

But looking back over the years, we can see clearly how the roles of such narration can be reversed. In her The Entrepreneurial State, Mariana Mazzuccato draws a comprehensive overview debunking many of the most validated myths regarding the processes that have produced major innovations in the last decades (but not exclusively), highlighting the central role played by the government.



With no intention whatsoever to instigate legends on private companies, Pavan Sukhdev – interviewed in the last issue of this magazine – claims that the main driving force of change behind the current development model should be large multinationals, mainly because...

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