Renewable Matter # 4 / June

Edible Films? Courgettes Invented Them!

by Federico Pedrocchi

Undoubtedly, a species feeding on rubbish would be an excellent solution for the circular economy. Could it be the aim of a planned Darwinism? I am afraid that we would receive many negative signals from several research fields, not least because the main information available is that the evolution of the species occurs with disheartening slowness and before feeding on the mobile phones replaced by the new ones (one of the most serious modern problems with regard to waste management), 2 million years may go by. But there is a need to act before.


Well, we could eat food containers, by designing them edible, of course. There are some interesting results with mineral water algae-based containers. A solution that could prove very fruitful and that has already been widely experimented is edible films for wrapping bakery products, such as the widespread snacks. Carla Severini from the University of Foggia, has been working on it with a valid...

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